Taliban Release Video of Captured US Soldier

Disturbing breaking news has been reported by the Associated Press about the release of a video of a captured soldier in Afghanistan. While the US government has confirmed that the video is of the captured soldier, they have not released his name, “pending notification of members of Congress and the soldier’s family”.
I am sure the authorities have to do things the way are supposed to do, and the soldier’s family deserve to be told first, but I wonder if not releasing his identity pending such notification works at all. The family is sure to know from news reports, and once they see his face shown in the video, they are going to know for sure. There should be a fast track way to get such information to the family, so that withholding of information from the public has more meaning than that of a formality.
The video is reported to be about half an hour long, but clips have been shown in this AP video report. Here is the complete report from Associated Press.






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