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  • Gmail Experts, Submit Your Video to Google

    This post, along with all other posts belonging to computer and internet related content, have been moved to my new blog CompuSutra. Click below to read this post at the new location: Gmail Experts, Submit Your Video to Google

  • Erin Andrews Video Still Top Search

    I can’t believe “Erin Andrews Video Peep” is still on the top of Google Trends in the US. Its hotness is still “volcanic” on Google-Trends hotness range. It has been moving up and down between first and fourth positions over last three days, and I think it is disgusting. How can so many people be […]

  • Taliban Release Video of Captured US Soldier

    Disturbing breaking news has been reported by the Associated Press about the release of a video of a captured soldier in Afghanistan. While the US government has confirmed that the video is of the captured soldier, they have not released his name, “pending notification of members of Congress and the soldier’s family”. I am sure […]

  • Erin Andrews Peep Hole Video

    Erin Andrews Peep Hole Video is on top on Google’s hot trends today, and I didn’t even know who Erin Andrews was. Well, that is what you get for being sports TV ignorant in America. Turns out Erin Andrews, according to Wikipedia, is a popular American sportscaster. In 2007 and 2008, she has been voted […]