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Top Keyword on this site: Erin AndrewsI can’t believe “Erin Andrews Video Peep” is still on the top of Google Trends in the US. Its hotness is still “volcanic” on Google-Trends hotness range. It has been moving up and down between first and fourth positions over last three days, and I think it is disgusting. How can so many people be after a peepshow, when there is otherwise so much porn over the internet? In my defense, I have not been looking for the video, but I have been checking Google trends, and also the webstats for my last post on the subject, and I am enjoying it. At both places, Erin Andrews Video Peep is the top search query. I have been clicking on some top results on the Google Trends page, and I did stumble upon stills from the peep show on If that is what you came here looking for, here is the link: ESPN Hottie Erin Andrews in Peep Shocker
Since I am sticking to my story of not searching directly for the video or pictures, I guess I must be living in a monastery, because that is what David Whitley accuses people like me of doing in his excellent post Everyone Deserves Blame for Erin Andrews Video Fiasco at

…My guess is you were, too. If not, I commend you and hope things are going well at the monastery.

In his post, David Whitley is pooh-poohing everyone involved in this fiasco, started from the person who shot the video to the billions who are looking for the video. Well, all I am doing here is trying to generate traffic to my fledgling site, and I have been successful to a large extent.
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