What is Omar Bhatti's South Asian Link

Omar Bhatti (also spelt Omer Bhatti on some sites) the 25 year old aspiring rapper from Norway is in the news these days because of his links with Michael Jackson, who passed away last month. Bhatti is being billed as Michael Jackson’s biological son, a love child, although it is not yet clear how. Bhatti himself is reportedly not sure, as he is trying to get a DNA test to verify it, according to this report from NY Daily News. Omer, rumored to be the result of a one-night stand Jackson had with his mom, Pia Bhatti, is reportedly seeking a DNA test to find out. Read more:

What sparked this blogger’s interest in the matter is the fact that Omar Bhatti is a South Asian name, Pakistani to be precise. The last name Bhatti is quite common in Pakistan and North Western part of India. Bhatti is a Rajput last name, and Rajputs may be Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs. This page on Wikipedia claims Bhatti is a Yaduvanshi clan, i.e., descending from the same heritage as Lord Krishna of Hindu epic Mahabharata. I wouldn’t go as far as endorsing that, but I didn’t have to do too much more research before I could find out that Omar Bhatti’s mother Pia Bhatti (a Norwegian) is married to Riz Bhatti, a person of Pakistani origin. According to the above mentioned report in Daily News,

Omer’s Pakistani father, Riz, confirmed that Bhatti, who bears a resemblance to Jackson’s youngest child, was at the memorial.
“Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching,” Riz told the London Sun. “I told my wife, ‘Just wait until the press sees this. It’s not a small thing.’ ”
The father wouldn’t directly answer whether Bhatti is Jackson’s child.
“Make what you like,” Riz said. “I don’t want to discuss anything.”

The web is all agog about how Bhatti Junior resembles Michael Jackson, or his youngest child. But it is also a fact that he does have South Asian looks. If his mother is Caucasian, then where else did he get his South Asian looks if not from Bhatti Senior? Looks like a case of mangled identities here. Click here to see what Pia Bhatti (Omer Bhatti’s mother) looks like. According to the Star Magazine, Pia is the Norwegian dental hygienist who also gave birth to Michael Jackson’s youngest child Blanket.
Watch the following slideshow of Omar Bhatti, and let’s wait and see what comes of the paternity test.






3 responses to “What is Omar Bhatti's South Asian Link”

  1. Andy Doray Avatar
    Andy Doray

    When a caucasian person and someone of African heritage have a child they often look South Asian or of Indian anestory.

  2. The_Force Avatar

    “If his mother is Caucasian, then where else did he get his South Asian looks if not from Bhatti Senior? Looks like a case of mangled identities here.”
    Caucasian dont mean white… Most Pakistanis and indians are caucasian!

  3. Kaul Avatar

    I agree that a person of mixed (black+white) ethnicity will have a lighter complexion like most people in North India and Pakistan do, but I am not sure about the similarity in facial features.
    I used the word “Caucasian” for “white”, which is the usual connotation used in the US. Thanks for your pointer though. I did look up the word on Wikipedia, and it seems to envelop a wider range of ethnicities.

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