The Rooster has one Leg

This post can be related to the current Trump saga, but is an age old story that can apply anywhere.

Kokras chhai kuni zang (the rooster has one leg) is a common saying in Kashmiri language, my mother tongue. This fallacious statement is symbolic of someone making a wrong claim and sticking with it, no matter what the evidence says. So, when Trump says he won the US presidential election in 2020, you can equate that to “kokras chhai kuni zang“.

There are a couple of little stories that incorporate the above saying, and I am telling one of them here.

A boy, let’s call him Johnny, who is a bit of a bully, returns home from school and tells his mother, “Mom, I made a bet with Jack, and I am going to win.”

Mother: “What was the bet about, Johnny?”

“Jack said a rooster has two legs. I said it has only one.”

“But you are wrong. You are going to lose. A rooster does have two legs.”

“How am I going to lose? I am never going to agree, no matter what he says.”



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