Kashmir's War with Plastic Bags

While reading the e-paper edition of Greater Kashmir (a daily newspaper published from Srinagar, Kashmir) today, I saw an interesting front page advertizement from Srinagar Municipal Corporation.
Read the ad yourself, or if you can’t read Urdu, read the translation at the bottom.

Urdu Ad in GreaterKashmir.com Newspaper against use of plastic bags

Srinagar Municipal Corporation

Congratulations to the 1.4 million citizens for
keeping the holy city of Srinagar pure from polythene bags.

Caution! still some exploitative elements are
conspiring to bring this curse back.
Beware of them, they are your enemies.
Catch any shopkeeper selling polythene bag and
bring them to the nearest police station or municipal ward.
Any person helping to catch polythene will be rewarded
by the municipal officials.
If anyone walks with a polythene bag in hand or sells
anything is this poisonous (material), they will be fined 5000 Rupees
and a case will be filed against them in the municipal court.
Mayor …………. Commissioner
Municipal Corporation …………. Municipal Corporation

Looks like the local government and the police in Srinagar are now filing cases not only against people who sell stuff in plastic bags, but even those who carry such bags. This is a nice way to harrass the public and for the “officers” to make more money. Unless Srinagar is being turned into another Singapore by the Municipal Corporation. Good luck with that!






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  1. Sanjay Avatar

    Hi Came across this while browsing. You missed something there.
    Jo shakhs polythene pakadwane main madad karega………….
    (Sounds like Poythene pakadna kitna mushkil hai….Imagine catching lopythenes fetching u rewards…gonna catch hold of polythenes…hahaaha)

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