Apollo 11 is Not a Hoax – Hopefully

We just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, and along with the celebrations of one of humankind’s greatest achievements, comes a sprinkling of conspiracy theorists calling it all a hoax. I generally stay away from conspiracy theories — I do not believe America did 9/11 or India did 26/11. The proof is there for all to see that they did not, in spite of conspiracy theorists abound. And I normally don’t think Apollo 11 is a hoax either, but when I recently heard over the radio that NASA had “recorded over” (listen) the Apollo 11 original tapes, I was floored. I mean, how can one of the nation’s most elite, modern and organized agencies commit a mistake of destroying the biggest evidence there was of the moon landing. Now, what we are being served with is the “enhanced” footage of the original moonwalk. What makes it different from a Star Wars movie?

If this really were a hoax, that would be robbing our generation of one of the greatest achievements that we have been told we achieved as mankind. I am going to be a believer, for once. It is better to believe the scientific community’s claims than those of religious zealots inventing miracles.
Wikipedia’s page titled “Apollo Moon landing hoax conspiracy theories” makes for interesting reading, and lists a number of arguments on both sides of the conspiracy line.






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