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  • Let Motherhood Not Be Forced

    [Background information for non-US readers for whom Roe and Wade just mean a pair of names, and “Choice” and “Life” are not obvious antonyms: US Supreme Court is very likely to come out with a decision in June 2022 that paves way for abortion becoming illegal in a large part of the United States. Read […]

  • The Rooster has one Leg

    This post can be related to the current Trump saga, but is an age old story that can apply anywhere. Kokras chhai kuni zang (the rooster has one leg) is a common saying in Kashmiri language, my mother tongue. This fallacious statement is symbolic of someone making a wrong claim and sticking with it, no […]

  • Election Day Evening Worksheet

    This is my prediction worksheet. According to this, Trump can take all toss ups, and Pennsylvania, and Biden will still have 270. You don’t like it? Here, take this spreadsheet and create your own.

  • How Bigly Did Trump Win in 2016

    Trump’s victory in 2016 was almost a fluke. If 40,000 voters in a country of 325 million people had changed their mind, he would have lost the election.

  • US Midterm Elections – A Primer for foreigners

    US Midterm elections are on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and these are very important elections for the country. Many of the readers of this blog may wonder what this election is about. What/who is/are being elected? What is the impact of this on Donald Trump? Why are these called midterms? If you have these questions, […]

  • We call BS – Arguments for Gun Control, Part 2

    This is a continuation from my yesterday’s article, in which I countered “Virtual President” Bill Whittle’s arguments against gun control. Here are my counter arguments against some more common anti-regulation arguments. 1. People kill people, guns don’t. Let us together examine the logical validity of this very common argument that come from gun advocates. Yes, […]

  • We Call BS – Arguments for Gun Control, Part 1

    The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last week has left 17 students and faculty dead, 15 injured, and the whole country arguing on social media about gun control. I spent a lot of time myself this weekend arguing with people on Facebook, pushing the same arguments over and over. Now I decided to compile my […]

  • Ramjas and Freedom of Expression

    Umar Khalid should have been listened to at Ramjas College. He has a right to freedom of expression. The seminar should not have been canceled. Shazia Ilmi should not have been dropped from the speaker’s list at Jamia. Lipstick Under My Burkha should not have been banned by the Censor Board. In fact, there should […]

  • Much Ado About Theresa's Sari

    Recently, pictures of British Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a sari have been doing the rounds on social media, with captions on the lines of “New British PM’s first day in office and she chose to wear an Indian sari. Many Indians don’t do so. Salute to new lady PM of Britain.” This is partly […]

  • Dirty Old Man of Indian Journalism

    Even though I grew up reading Khushwant Singh’s columns in the 70s and 80s, for recent years I had not read much from or about him. For a short period I wondered if he was even alive — until my last trip to India in August when I laid my hands on what may have […]