6 responses to “Guzaarish – 100 Gram Film”

  1. veena


  2. Sunil Deepak

    Raman, your review is like Perry Mason (defence lawyer) in the court room with so many arguments that accusing lawyers have no chance to win this one! 🙂

  3. Sanjay Kaul

    Good to see people dissect a movie so much. I never saw Guzaarish but then Bhansaali is not into realistic cinema. I agree with Sunil Deepak the amount of argument you have put forth leaves the other side no chance. In any case, if you decide to win an argument, Raman, God only save the opponent. I remember this, with some melancholy, since my childhood.

  4. veena

    @ sanjay… i can see your love for RK in your comment… still, the same, the graet and… God bless you.

  5. bobbysing

    After reading your piece, I hope you would love reading my two articles on the movie too.




  6. Martin

    Believe me dis is a delicious movie of all de tymz