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  1. Nitin

    Great article!
    Barkha – Do you have courage to cover this on your programs?

  2. Pratik Pandey

    I’ve been following this renewed Kashmir problem for the past few months and read a lot articles and editorials since then. However, this is undoubtedly the most brilliant piece on this issue that I’ve came across. For me, it is an eye opener and unbiased view of actual situation. I do agree with each and every point you’ve discussed here.

  3. ePandit

    आँखें खोल देने वाला बहुत ही जानकारी पूर्ण लेख। सच तो यह है कि क्या अलगाववादी और क्या कश्मीर के राजनीतिक नेता सब भारत का शोषण कर रहे हैं। अलगाववादी देश में आग लगाकर और राजनीतिक पार्टियाँ देश के साथ रहने की भारी कीमत वसूल रहे हैं।

    अगर भारत सरकार पुराने समय में सही कदम उठाती तो आज ये दिन न देखना पड़ता। नेहरु और इन्दिरा की गलतियों को आज पूरा हिन्दुस्तान भुगत रहा है।

    और एक बात आप क्या समझते हैं कि कश्मीर पाकिस्तान को मिल जाय तो वह शान्त हो जायेगा। कश्मीर तो उसके जिहाद का एक हिस्सा मात्र है, वह मिल जाने पर उसका फ्रंट जम्मू और लद्दाख होगा, वहाँ भी वही सब होगा। सभी गैर-मुस्लिमों को मार भगा दो और बाद में मुस्लिम बहुलता के नाम पर अलग होने की माँग शुरु।

  4. Sanjay Kaul

    Dear Raman,
    Your article throws up a very different perspective about the Kashmir problem. No one has touched this very important point. All politicians and policy makers have missed this point so far. Hope they read this.
    Since Pakistan as well as Independence seeking parties hav always insisted on plebiscite in entire J&K and not in Kashmir alone, we should have long back accepted this. If we conduct it in entire J&K, an overwhelming majority will vote for India.
    All the best. Keep writing.

  5. Sanjay Kaul

    We also need to understand that the common man hardly has a say. Common man, when given a choice has definitely opted for status quo, if you take into consideration the results of last elections. The common man neither wants Pakistan nor Nizame-mustafa. The whole issue is actually the powerlessness of the common man in his individual capacity. The trouble makers are mostly Government employees who get a day off due to strikes or unemployed youth who get some money and fun out of it. They are incited by politicians who get power and money both because of these issues. Who would have allowed someone like Mehbooba Mufti to rub shoulders with the likes of LK Advani or Manmohan Singh otherwise. You should have seen her poise during one of the recent all party meetings on Kashmir.

  6. Rajiv Verma

    This should be highlighted properly.
    This article is awesome & really really well written & honest.

    J&K is always in India & will always be in India.

  7. Krish

    This is a most sensible and realistic, even brave analysis of the situation. But as you say no politician wants to face the truth. They are mortally scared of being dubbed anti-secular.
    This so-called secularism has been so much abused, distorted and defaced that it has lost all credibilty.
    The only solution, as you say, is for the separatists to realise the futility of their jihadist tactics. But do they have that capability?

  8. Owais

    This article is totally rubbish. It is far far away from truth. It is an indian biased article like everything. It is not an eye opener but deceiver. india is deceiving its own people.

  9. Owais

    Truth about Kashmir is that indian forces are killing innocent Kashmiri people. And these Kashmiris now wanna get rid of indian brutal rule.
    from June 11 2010 to now indian forces killed 102 innocent Kashmiris, most of them teenagers, and many of them between 9-14 of age.
    Wake up indians wake up.

  10. राकेश

    सही लिखा.
    Well written.

  11. vivek

    Good article.
    Excuse my ignorance but I’d be grateful for an answer to 3 questions- how would a small Kashmir for the separatists impact on
    1) Indus Water treaty? Would this small Kashmir have its knife to the jugular of water safety? (I don’t know)
    2) Do we need Kashmir to get to Ladakh? (is there an alternative way to get to them?
    3)Would there be an exchange of populations in this eventuality and could Ladakh survive this economically?
    Many thanks

  12. Laxmi N. Gupta

    This article is an eye-opener. So many things that I knew nothing about. I always thought that India has about 2/3rd of J&K (area- wise) and Pakistan 1/3rd but Wikipedia data sees to say Pakistan has larger area under their control than India. What is the break-up population-wise? I think India and Hindus and Buddhists in J&K will be better of without Muslims in the valley and their jihad. What is Nizam-e-Mustafa? Secularism of Kashmiri Muslims is abundantly clear from their treatment of fellow Hindus in the valley!

  13. Naveen Dhar

    very well written

  14. Vinod Kachroo

    Good article. Interesting read, well written with a balanced perspective.

  15. Ashutosh

    @Vivek, answer to your second question is yes. There is route through Manali Himachal pradesh.It passes through remote areas so it is not the preffered route.
    I don’t think ladakh is in any way dependent on Kashmir. They maybe dependent on the state government but not on valley itself. The support could easily be replaced by central government.

    I would also like to emphasize that ladakh may be a Buddhist majoirity region but there is significant population of Muslims there (approx 30%
    ) and they are proud to be indians.

    Empty vessels make more nosie. Learn about history of kashmir before you comment. It army brutalizes civilians your mujahadeen are not saints killing women and children in Kashmir

  16. देबाशीष

    Very well researched Raman. Its a pity how the western media treats the matter.

    I had once once read Madhu Kiswar’s article and had this feeling that somehow the Abdullahs are hand in gloves in causing this sudden stir. It is surprising to see how media now highlights the point that the long proposed India’s theory of Pakistan’s hand has all been false and the struggle is NOW totally indigenous. I think its either a quite meticulous plan again by Pakistan and probably hand in gloves with supporters here to propagate this new opinion, or the struggle was indeed a genuine freedom fight.

    Nevertheless, what ISI couldn’t achieve through years of gun power and belligerence is now being achieved without much effort, thanks to the blind eye turned by Indian politicians on this matter and thinking a militarization of the region would solve the issue.

    Kashmiris thinking of great miracles on gaining azadi and joining Pakistan don’t have to go far to know how Pakistan behaved with the Muslim brethren who migrated to Pakistan from India during 1947 partition. The Mujahirs have always been discriminated against and their leaders have to live in exile. A MQM senior leader was recently gunned down in London.

    But I am still happy that the issue was rekindled. I think its time the dispute had its full and final settlement, but whichever it goes I am afraid India will have to lose.

  17. KL Bhatt

    Kaul Saab,

    Its indeed the best article on J&K Problem & kudos to your writing, very well written & yeah either amputate it or get proper medication is the only ILAAJ of this kashmir problem.

    god bless…

  18. Varad Sharma

    Well written…Different Perspective on Kashmir…Its a good piece !


    Amazing and marvelous work.. Perfectly explained, but would Indian Govt or so called largest democracy have guts to speak out loud to all. And will ever biased media show this to all Indians.. No
    But hats off to your explanation.. Kaul Saeb badeh behtereen explanation chi

  20. Pankaj

    Very good article.

  21. Ashish

    A totally different and eye opener perspective !

  22. soman dhar

    Great article, Hopefully people who have become the thekadars will re-think. It was interesting to watch the big fight on NDTV today in which Vikram Chandra mentioned that it may make sense for people not to be misled on Azadi again. It would be a great idea for the nationalist forces to use the information in the article to counter the propoganda.
    Also they keep talking about raishumari- raishumari had option for Pak or India 0 do these people think that Pakistan will agree to go back to pre-47 demography in erstwhile J&K and then have a raishumari in which majority of people will NOT want to be part of Pakistan. An independent Kashmir is death knell for the thought of India as a country and whatever is left of Pakistan- it will lead to increased demand of azadi in Gilgit/Balistan, Baluchistan.
    Hopefully better sense will prevail. It is time for India to start spending money in saving the farmers who are comiiting suicide and the other poor Hindus and Muslims of our great land India. Not sure why the Govt doesnt decide to go for pay for work and if the Govt employees want to go on hartal let them not be paid.

  23. eswami

    Very Informative – Good read indeed.
    I am looking forward to more of such posts.Tweet worthy!

  24. ravinder

    excellent piece of study and opinion. Needs serious attention by politicians and patriots alike. we always new these facts but somehow new delhi based politicians have always ignored them. Anyway i would like to add few more things
    i) Media and government always address terrorists as kashmiri separatists/militants. correction: they are kashmiri muslim terrorists/separatists

    ii) kashmir or kashmiri should not be made synonymous with muslims of the valley. Kashmiri hindus ney Battas have a much older connection with kashmir

  25. FAISAL

    The author wants to mislead the people by saying that this is Kashmir and this is not. The author belongs to that community which from ages want to divide the state on the basis of religion, but we Kashmiries believe that state of J&k is one. Mr author please please and please stop dividing the state on the basis of religion. I know you people are enjoying privilege of government by having ten ration cards at home getting free ration (sugar, rice and wheat) and monthly stipend. You people cannot understand agony of Kashmiries. We are being killed brutally by occupied Indian forces. If you think that it only handful of people who wants freedom then why did not your Indian government is ready for referendum

  26. farhan

    One thin must be realised even after decades of violence nd bloodshed its thhe kashmiri pandits who have emerged as the gainers,,,,,,frm gettting amenities nd bounties by the government of india,,,,,,
    the ongoing reaction of urs seems to be reflective of islamophobia,,,,
    might i not remind of Mr.Jagmohans the den governors plot of massacaring muslims of J&k overnite..in return u were promised but it couldnt happen…as the rebellion recurred nd did not die down…so its absolutely unprofessional nd facist on ur part to call d genuine sentiments of a kashmiri muslim even if he isnt engaging in stoone peltin a terrorist….the movement in kashmir is a leaderless movement its not about the hurriyat,jeelani..mirwaiz its a “”people”” movement….
    so dont sabotage the isssue….

  27. Vijay Dhar

    Great Article,
    Owais is parotting what he has been taught right right from the day he was born
    So called Owais’s have Zero tolerance towards comments and is understood

  28. sarla raina machama

    Beautiful article an eye opener for all the Indians esp kashmiris

  29. Vivek Bhat

    Boss, this is the most frank and on your face article I have read in all my life on Kashmir. Being a Kashmiri Hindu, migrated to Jammu in 1989 and I know how non-J&K Indians get mightly confused over J&K. I have faced questions like is Jammu a city in Kashmir, am I a Brahmin from Jammu, Kashmiri means being a muslim, how come I am a Hindu and that too Brahmin!
    All these from Indians. No doubt that Indians have failed miserably in securing Kashmir. Even a Pandit, Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru failed to grasp the politics of Kashmir because though he was a Kashmiri Pandit his forefathers had left Kashmir long before.

    They way you have explained things here are just perfect. Good work Brother…

  30. Murali

    This article touches my heart as it echos my thoughts on Kashmir. Raman this is the best article I have seen on kashmir. I hope this article gets a wider audience.

  31. Pankaj

    good one…Indian govt. should not cede to their demands to partially withdraw the AFSPA…it doesn’t make sense that our soldiers r expected to first get a search warrant from the magistrate before counter insurgency or at a time when they r caught in ambush …

    @owais…….They r not killing for wrong reasons……In democracy peaceful protest is allowed….stone pelting and hoisting Pakistan’s flag on Indian soil can’t be defined as a way of doing that…Ask the separatist leaders of Kashmir who r working as an undercover agent of Pakistan…Why they r spoiling the life of the thousands of children of the valley while their own children r pursuing higher education in different parts of the world and living a safe and secure life???

  32. Roop Wokhlu

    Indeed very well thought out and researched piece of writing.
    Unintended consequences of the cessation would create future water resources problems and constant future encroachment into other parts of J&K state and eventually India. Pakistan is going to be fighting us eternally no matter what and now add to that China also.
    It is better we fight them in Kashmir and hold the line no matter what it costs. As for as Kashmiri muslims they are a very small pawn in this power play directed by ISI.

  33. Nitins

    Bestest of the article i have read regarding kashmir.. It needs to be out to each and every corner of Kashmir so that people of kashmir know about these facts. I am sure many of them will drop down the stones. And they need to do this asap.. it is already late and affecting people all over J&K. Very good work brother.. i am spreading your voice to as many people as I can.

  34. Patterson

    What about the Doda, Kishtwar, Ramban, Punch, Rajouri and Udhampur districts that comprise 90% of the Jammu region where the sentiment of the Azadi as strong as that in the valley. We can say that only two smaller (in area) districts of the Jammu region comprising of Jammu and Kathua districts may not like to get independence from India. What about the Kargil in the Ladakh region? How do you say that they are for India? It is completely biased and lopsided story to hoodwink those who are ignorant of the facts. I feel that there is a need for a democratic approach to determine the wish of the majority of the people in the region. UN monitored plebsite is probably the best way to determine the choice of the people. Why has India any problems in deciding this issue in a democratic way?

  35. Patterson

    Let me add that a solution based on communal lines, as advocated by the author, is neither feasible nor acceptable to the people and the international community. Either a negotiated settlement or the plebsite is the only wayout.

  36. lalit nagarth

    you can write hundred of such articles, but truth is there is not solution to Kashmir issue now ,not a peceful one in sight [we have been trying since 47 to find a peaceful solution !!]. Pakistan will continue sending terrorists to kashmir nd india will keep fighting with them .

    both countries are nuclear powers , so there wount be any peaceful solution . only solution could have been in a war . Lousy indian politicians leaved the golden option to get whole of kashmir twice in two wars , 1965 war and 1971 war .
    and we still have same mentality [read gandhi thinking] Politicians around .

    if they give indian army control of situation for 1 month, it will be solved

  37. Brahma Varma

    It definitely is the best article on Kashmir. I WISH IT IS WIDELY PUBLISHED. I didn’t know that Kashmir is just a small part of the area dominated by Muslims. To me, J&K – KASHMIR with 7% land area surrounded by the rest of India is somewhat India should handle differently.
    A great article. Circulate it.

  38. rajni

    It is very informative and inspiring article well written with full details and facts intact. The situation as on today is pathetic as framed and drafted by the community itself. Azadi has been always there, the state has been enjoying all the peripherals and baskets of gifts financially and otherwise too from India and others too,they claimed azadi after the Hindus were thrown off the state, this is cancerous infection which is taking its toll on the ignorant masses. Kashmir valley has lost its essence and beauty which was pre89 era, my blood boils, my eyes get moist, whenI see the youth is being used for stone pelting and ladies with their kids in their arms are protesting but for what. Azadi will never be ther on papers Azadi has to be in their minds. We have seen kashmir as peaceful and beautiful.
    There was an article this last sunday that kashmir has lost one generation to militancy and another generation is losing out to drugs.

  39. Patterson

    I have been covering the region since 1990 and let me tell you that the anti-india sentiment is wide-spread among the Muslim communty (shia, sunni & others) in all the three regions. This sentiment is directly related to the Human Rights violations. In Kargil, it being almost nil, the seniment is not so apparent. But the sympathy for the Azadi is very wide spread among the Shia Muslims who however detest the Pakistani role. In Doda, Rajouri and Punch, it is expressed brazenly. In Kashmir valley, it is expressed very vociferously and violently. Every unrelated issu in the valley, including demands for utilities, ultimately culminates into india bashing. Everybody in Delhi is well aware of these ground realties and have been trying to tilt this balance with very little success. In fact, the events of the last three summers have surprised all of us. I must say it here that India has always mishandled Kashmir and is responsible for gross human rights violations in the region. I feel that this 7% figure is quite misleading and shall not help an indepedent and objective analyis of the Kasmir problem.

  40. Samir

    Brilliant Analysis.

    kashmiri Muslims, please wake up, get real and get a life.

  41. das

    Patterson; “Let me add that a solution based on communal lines, as advocated by the author, is neither feasible nor acceptable to the people and the international community. Either a negotiated settlement or the plebsite is the only wayout.

    Let us see Gilani, Ayesha Andabi and various Pakistani-backed outfits that have ethnically cleansed Hindus leading to exodus of all non-Muslims from the valley, destroyed and burnt their homes, with sole aim of establishing Sharia law are secular!

  42. Vivek Bhat


    I do not know from where you have got your information but as person who has lived in Srinagar, Ramban, Poonch and Jammu I can say that these regions definitely “DO NOT” have any pro-Azadi movements like in Kashmir. The majority of terrorists caught or killed in Doda, Kishtwar, Ramban, Poonch and Rajouri are foreigners and if you read newspapers from J&K they have news about confrontation between locals and terrorists on regular basis. You will not find “any” Baderwahi, Poonchi or any person from Ramban living and making a living in Kashmir, but in Jammu you will find scores and scores of them living among the local population without any clashes till date.

    About Udhampur, well lay your hands on any news item during Amarnath Land row and you will find that people of Udhampur were even more zealous in demonstrating against the revocation of land to Amarnath trust than the people of Jammu.

    I do not remember any clash between Army and Civilians or Civilians and Govt on the issue of azadi in these regions. Even during the highly charged environment during Amarnath Land, the people in this region did not protest against the allocation of land to Amarnath trust.

    It’s nice for people to know about us, but do not add to the already increasing confusion!

  43. raina ak

    an old kashmiri folk song …
    ………….. Nyyay trevev MMaay Theviv Panven …

    this needs to be aired again and again in Kashmir …

  44. VJ

    My frustration is that these demographic facts are well known amongst the Kashmiri’s and yet Indian and International media does not undertsand it. Kashmiri separatist and mainstream leaders have a vested interest in misrepresenting KAshmir as being same as J&K. I hope this blog gains full circulation.

  45. Vishal

    @Ashutosh: Giving Kasmir the so called Freedom or to Pakistan will result in India loosing Ladakh as well, reason being, the way to Ladakh through Manali, It remains closed for a good part of a year.

  46. Renu Kher

    @Patterson, if paople of Jammu & Ladakh province of J&K also want azadi ,how come they r not fighting for it,How come so called brutal indian army is not committing human rights violations there, how come teenagers r not getting killed there?

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