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  1. vinay

    Mr. Ashok Kaul

    I did visit your website. Though the contents are different than here but sentiments are same. I respect your emotional bonding and deep rooted pain and hurt that reflects through your writings. The only way to reclaim our roots is to fight back with all the stubborn means that AHIMSA and unconditional love and passion possess. At the same time we should send a clear signal that AHIMSA does not teach us being cowards. We are the most courageous ones.

    Lots of love

    Regards to you Mr. Ashok Kaul.

    1. KING

      In Azad Kahmir, which is so small that it doesn’t show itself on map clearly, nobody knows what Waazwaan is, and when I try to speak Kashmiri with them, for them it is a “Foreign Language”. They can neither understand, forget speaking Kashmiri. They had no problem with Majhi Punjabi which I also am fluent in. I wonder how this small piece of land could be physically or even ethnically be called Kashmir. Maybe, it got created for the sake of showing to the world that here we have some part which is Azaad or something. I think it should be better merged with Punjab or some nearby state in Pakistan.

  2. Vijaya Kumar Dar

    Dear Mr. Koul:

    I have read your article on Kashmir and am in complete agreement with you. I have also expressed somewhat similar thoughts in my blog which you may be interested in reading. Please visit http//chiriyakhana.blogspot.com. and I would appreciate your comments and further suggestions for reading.

  3. Radha Rajan

    It is not for any Geelani or Kaul to decide to give away Kashmir to Pakistan now or in 1947. Pakistan is in itself the bloody torn limb of Hindu India. And if Kaul doesnt realize even now that giving something to these jihadis and crusaders only whets theor appetite for more of the same then he will never realize it. And if Kashmiris gripe is that ‘mainland India’ (what a cute term for the parent)doesnt really know Kashmir and Kashmiris then two other things are equally true – for most North Indians south of the Vindhyas everything and everybody is a Madrasi; and secondly wasnt it the samw Kashmiris who bought the lemon which the sunni muslims sold them – the Kashmiriyat lemon and thus alienated themselves from the Hindus outside Kashmir? kashmiri Hindus themselves need to get some facts right not only about themselves but about the whole of Bharata sanatana bhumi.

  4. KVN Doss

    I think unpatriotic people like Arundhati Roy and Syed Ali Shah Geelani should read this write-up. This should knock some sense into the so called literary head of Arundhati Roy.

  5. Hariharan

    Kashmir is named after an ancient Hindu sage — Rishi Kashyap. Pakistan continues to sponsor terrorism in Kashmir in the name Islamic jihad. Before harping on Arundhati Roy’s brainless fudge on Kashmir and hysterical diatribes against all things Indian and India, we need to ask WHY:
    1) Those “peaceful protesters” have killed 60,000 people over the past 20 years during their “non-violent struggle” for Kashmir to join Pakistan?
    2) They have ethnically cleansed over a million Kashmiri pundits and Sikhs from the Kashmir valley?
    3) They have launched a campaign of terror and intimidation against all secular Kashmiris and imposed their own brand of virulent intolerant Wahabi Islam in the Kashmir Valley?
    4) They have no popular support and have never won any election in Kashmir where the people have defied threats from the terrorists to vote overwhelmingly for state governments who want to remain a part of India?
    5) Pakistan has been giving “moral assistance” to “peaceful protesters” in addition to infiltration of madrassa-trained “freedom fighters” across the LoC for the last six decades?
    6) Roy needs protection from the “evil” Indian army while in Kashmir?

  6. Atul

    Consider this – say journalists in China were to call for an independent Tibet, they’d be quickly thrown into prison, and if lucky, avoid broken bones. Here you have a below average journalist, Arundhati Roy, who goes on to write that Kashmir was never an integral part of India! Really?


    Was Pakistan not a part of India not too long ago? And why did the Hindu maharaja of Kashmir sign the letter of accession with India? Or maybe Kashmiri pundits never existed? Or perhaps, inside her twisted brain, among the dozens of Muslim-majority regions within India, none was actually a part of India ever? Or in her viewpoint, maybe India never existed, and therefore every state should call for independence? How does anyone know that Roy didn’t secretly get foreign cash to put on a show of whistleblower while openly engaging in seditious writings? What does she want? Dissolution of the union? Or starvation and death of millions on the Indian subcontinent in the future by carving out yet another state, just to please some intellectually deficient folks like her? Does free press means a journalist should write how he or she ‘feels’ depending on mood on a given day?

    Liu Xiaobo is a true scholar and wrote to his government about reforms on free speech guaranteed by his country’s constitution. Roy’s behavior is the exact opposite — she is taking undue advantage of free speech and free press to trample on India’s constitution and sedition laws (section 124A).

    With journalism in particular, there is a difference between scholar and squalor. To cite another example, Roy says Maoists are “Gandhians with Guns.” Anyone who knows even an ounce of Gandhi will tell you that the phrase is an oxymoron and an insult to a great man who courageously stood up for a non-violent freedom struggle.

  7. J Ramaswamy

    A clarification long sought by all parties to the struggle.
    Should make them realise the TRUTH & the whole TRUTH.

  8. Dr Dinesh Verma

    Dear Mr Kaul

    Last year, I wrote a letter to Mr Asif Durrani, Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan in London after I met him at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth.Here is the letter:

    “Dear Mr Durrani ji

    It was a pleasure meeting you in the Kashmir fringe meeting in Bournemouth on Sunday. I am sorry if my questions seemed to be a bit off-putting to you but I am a passionate believer in Indo-Pak friendship and feel that the ultimate solution of the Kashmir problem lies in India and Pakistan joining hands together in a long-lasting friendship as has been done with Germany Britain & France after centuries of conflict.

    I would like to propose a concept to the leaders of both our great nations which will help in finding that illusive solution. The concept is not of United States of India with Pakistan as a state but a concept based on equality – somewhat like the association of three nations England, Scotland and Wales in the United Kingdom. I would like to call it United Countries of Indian Subcontinent (UCIS) which would include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. UCIS will have open borders inside with free trade within the boundaries which will be protected by a combined army from the five nations from outside. This will bring unprecedented prosperity to the region just as it was before the British came to our sub-continent. UCIS will be a nuclear power equal to USA, Russia or China with a guaranteed permanent seat on the UN security council. I believe that because biologically we are from the same “stock” this solution will work. Of course it will require political will on all sides.

    I would appreciate your comments on this concept.”
    I am still waiting for a reply. Any comments about this solution from you?


  9. Satish

    There are few following things to be done in the most simpler manner to solve this paradox:
    1. Agree that there is a problem in the Valley and set priority to solve this.
    2. Create a ‘Think Tank’ less the corrupt politicians and babus,to suggest ways and means to be adopted in a time frame say about three months to the maximum.
    3. One of the suggestions have to be removal of Article 370. Afterall you can have different standards for different states within a country and yet remain one.
    4. God helps those who help themselves. Therefore involve Pandits to fight this battle, sacrifice in the true spirit and regain back your area.
    5. We talk about presence of Terrorist training Camps in POK. What are we doing ourselves about removal of these.Particularly when we show this area in illegal occupation of pakistan.
    6. involve openly the various ehinic groups of POK to fight againsta Pakistan, similar to what Pakistan is doing for the kashmiris openly.
    7. Never forget that pakistan understands only one language, so speak that only and never show any sign of weakness, their being a Nuclear state notwithstanding.
    8. Have a clear long term policy about say 4-5 years, with moultiferous approaches to deal with this problem at evry opportune moment; like SAARC, Common Wealth,UNO or anyother forum.
    9. Give clear signals to those who side with Pakistan, kashmiri separists and even opporunist Indians seeking cheap publicity at nation’s cost.

  10. nadeem

    hey guyz comon u got to be kidding out here by writing this kinda stuff..everyone knoes wat kashmiris want..since this blog refers to a foolish kashmiri pandit so lemme make it clear ..kashmir can neva be safe with india neither with pakistan..its ur hatred for pakistan that makes u drag pakistan everytime u people talk abt kashmir..kashmiris have a diffrnt class altogethr and we will be a successful nation without india..guyz stop worrying abt pakistan or taliban invading kashmir..just improve ur living standards or else come to kashmir and hav a look..it will take indians anothr 50 years to match the living standards of kashmiris..so better is stop watching aajtak and india tv and stop fooling around ..better is wake up and behave like humans not like ignorant biharis …hehe…

  11. Abhishek

    Bang on target Mr Kaul

    Can all Indians take part in the voting to determine the fate of Kashmir? No…
    Similarly why should Kashmiris decide the fate of Ladakhis and people from Jammu.

    Population of valley: 4 million (according to wikipedia)
    KPs migrated: 4 lakhs
    Legitimate share of KPs in valley= 10% of land
    means 1500 sq Km out of 15000
    So that leaves the effected KM dominated valley to 13500 sq KM
    Let them decide their fate with that amount of land.
    We will be happy for them.

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  13. abcxyz

    We have seen that China and Pakistan occupied indian land ie., Aksai chin by china and kashmir by pakistan, then why don’t india occupy their land and as well as our land

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  15. Sharath

    A nice article indeed.I just like to know a few more things – you said the word “Kashmir” is a region restricted to Kashmir valley alone (which doesnt include Azad KAshmir and Gilgit Baltistan)where the majority of population who are Kashmiri muslims is actually concentrated and how the people living in Jammu and Ladakh have a different say even though they are in minority.

    So my question is how about regions like Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir,which are part of PoK?, what is the demography over there and what is their position on this issue?,would they stick with PoK or want independence or want to merge with India?….How about Akshai chin?, what is their say?

  16. Ram

    Hello Kaul,

    Thanks for this eye-opener ! Thanks for pointing out how tiny Kashmir is — to think that such a speck in the map can terrorise a whole nation !!

    I have now written off the people of Kashmir — they have inflicted too much pain on the nation — and it is not worthwhile to worry about them anymore !