9 responses to “Arguing About Kashmir”

  1. Shivam Vij

    My real name, sir, is Raman Kaul

  2. syed

    Hey buddy your posts and comments are one sided and stubborn. Most of your posts create hatred against the KM’s in the mind of other people after reading your articles. You being a good writer wasting your time in common things. Try to give solution and if you are a real kashmiri then tell everyone what condition your people are facing there.

  3. Rajeev Ranjan

    First of all, I have reproduced one of your post on my blog(with due credits to ur blog address), coz I felt it needs to reach a wider audience.

    Try listening to the debate on Kashmir at ndtv.com/thebigfight

    You have suitably presented all the facts, and the repercussions. I just want to know from the KM that, if we give them freedom, how long would they survive? 15seconds?

    Because GoI passes on a large amount to Kashmir every year. So much that, its more than the double spend by government on a average Bihari. Thinking of it, were it to pass on the same benefit to Bihar, NEast, and other states….India could have prospered more.

    And less than 4%of Kashmiri’s are BPL(below poverty line).

    And if they want to attach themselves to Pakistan, which right minded person on the earth would really want to???

    Talking about International community, Any Major Power(except China) would not want Kashmir to gain autonomy, lest it becomes hub of terror-exporting agendas.

    And the other day, I was reading an article where people from PoK were demanding themselves quotas, in IIT, IIMs…! And then PoK is run by a prime minister, who first signs subjugation papers to Pakistan…!!

    Well…..Muslim Brothers..my heart swelled with joy, when all the Muslims in Mumbai got united, and refused GoI from putting graves of 26/11 terrorist in their graveyard…!! They simply refused to listen to request of GoI, saying they would prefer death than allowing graveyard of those terrorist!

  4. Rajeev Ranjan
  5. fayyaz

    Dear Brother i am a old kashmiri who lost both my sons in terrorism and am bringing up my father less grandchildren. My sons every night before they went to the hideouts used to talk only of how guns will bring azaadi and prosperity. They were inspired by the separitist leaders who sadly have scrupously kept their children away from any movement. I do not blame any one but pakistan and the misuse of islamic concepts. The so called freedom struggle starts from mosque and ends there, Mirwaiz uses the mosque as his courtroom does that happen anywhere? Have you ever heard of a Kashmiri mathematician, athlete, Cricket player or a honest politician. Do the separitist have a plan. A kidnapper of a girl and killer of innocent men Yasin Malik is our hero, he could not keep his group together how will he keep kashmir independent. Only the rich businessmen are funding the movement and the poor has nothing to do with this. Kashmirs interest lies with India a country where still there is reason and logic. Brother do not think we need to be seperate, if that happens i dread for the future of my grandchildren who have been recently brain washed to throw stones. Kashmir will never be peaceful the pseudo intellectuals of bemina and hyderpora will ensure it, they need to be evicted and that will serve the humanity of this great historical land, where love and compassion has been taken away by self seeking religious bigots. May Allah grant them peace for they do not know what they are doing.

  6. nadeem

    hello mr kaul..being a good writer doesnt mean u will write sumthing tat is hypothetical..i would suggest u to travel to kashmir and find out the ‘jihad’ u are talking about..comon man stop talking like ignorant biharis who blindly follow aajtak and india tv..u can neva write anything on kashmir unless and until u go to kashmir and find out the real truth because the real truth lies within us…instead of feeling soory for the loss of lives in kashmir ..u should try to help the cause of kashmir tat is independent kashmir..and being kashmiri i feel kashmir is incomplete without u guyz…