5 responses to “Dr. Shah Faesal from Kupwara tops Indian Civil Service Exam”

  1. Sunil Kardar

    You are right Raman Ji, some people will compalin no matter what. They will not appriciate the fact that everyone has got equal opportunities in India.

  2. nadeem

    well we people dun dream of pakistan..actually indians and pakistanis are of same blood ..so no way we gonna degrade our standards tat is kashmiri standards..i suppose kashmiri pandits are very much happy with indian bengalis and biharis ..so may god keep kashmiri pandits and these biharis together forever..and may god flush the indian army out of kashmir and make kashmir a an independent and successful nation ..amen!!

  3. sarwesh

    congratulations dr. faesal..

  4. sabiha nabi

    he is my inspiration.i am inspired by dr.shah faesal.i also want to bcom ias