10 responses to “Jaime Pressly is Engaged to Simran Singh”

  1. SP


    Simran is a name for Sikh girls. Although male and female Sikhs are known to have same names viz. Amarjeet, Gurjeet, Manjeet, Surinder etc., yet I do not know any male to be carrying this name. Originally ‘Singh’ ending (in Sikh names) would mean a male and females had their names ending with ‘Kaur’. But now ‘Singh’ has become a surname of sorts so females are also using the same ending. So Gurjeet Singh could be both females as well as male depending how the Singh is being used. A bit confusing, I daresay.

    Simran means ‘to do jap’ as in naam simran. It also means ‘to meditate in the name of God’ when used as in ‘simran karo’.


  2. SP

    And Oh! therefore, going by the above logic ‘Simran Singh’ could be male also, but only females are being named ‘Simran’ in Sikhs. This is to the best of my knowledge and belief.


  3. SP

    Yes that does add another dimension to the whole thing -‘Simranjeet Singh’ could be both male or female.

  4. vj

    Yes, i too was curious as well. It appears that I can only make out that he speaks spanish and nothing else about his bio. In a wedding photo, he looks white!!

  5. Rani

    my son is called simrAn and Sikh names are for both sexes so although many simrans are girls
    , boys can use the name too.

  6. Simran Singh

    My name’s Simran and I’m male. Simran used to be a male only name until soem famous hindi movies had simran as a girl and it spread from there.

  7. tiki

    Simran ‘dad is Sikh, mum is white. He is a good guy just marrying the wrong girl. Feel sorry for him. He seems her rebound.That’s all.Wake up sim!

  8. satinder

    does not matter simran male or female that name for everybody if simran kaur it means female if simran singh it means male

  9. Ron

    He might be of Indian descent, but he looks like a white guy. I doubt she would marry a typical Indian dude, unless he was rich.