5 responses to “Pheran, another Blanket with Sleeves”

  1. Reinventing the woollen wheel at Blogbharti

    […] the Snuggies, it is a blanket with sleeves thats making the airwaves in the US these days bigtime. Kaul tells us that they’re just plain re-inventing the Kashmiri Pheran: Everytime I watch the […]

  2. sumera

    if you were a true kashmiri you’d know that kashmir rightfully belongs to the beautful people of our land. And is not part of north india, pakistan, or china. Geographically it is actually central Asia, but Unless you’re hindu you’d be brainwashed to think it’s Indian soil never will we bow down to Indian goverment policy nor Pakistan.

  3. Andrew Charles

    Garments like the Pheran are not unique to Kashmir, and not really much like the blanket with sleeves. It’s just a long woollen robe, the kind of thing worn for thousands of years in cold climates around the world. This ankle–calf-length style has fallen out of fashion in the west, except for certain religious communities, but shorter wool shirts (thigh–hip-length) are still produced in different styles by companies such as Woolrich, Pendleton, Filson, and Swanndri. I have two myself, both made by companies which also make blankets. There’s even a word in English for wearing them without an undershirt—to go woolward. These sleeved blankets are something different altogether. For one thing they are not intended as garments. Most are too long to move about in for even short distances, and are impractical for anything but purely sedentary activity (reading, watching tv etc.). A pheran allows you to move about, but leaves the feet and legs uncovered. A sleeved blanket covers the whole body while sitting or lying, but unlike a blanket allows you to use your arms without exposing them to the cold.

  4. Joanne

    Thank you for the post. I have received a pheran from a friend just back from Kashmir. How do you clean them? My smells of smoke and now I know why after reading your article 🙂 I love it. It is so warm and the wool is lovely. I would love to know the cleaning process that is done.

    Thank you.