4,883 responses to “Don’t Get Your Hindi Tattoo Wrong”

  1. pamsona

    I want a tattoo with the word “yes” in Hindi. Could you please tell me how do you write it? I don’t want to make a mistake that last forever on my skin!


  2. sandie

    how would you write a birthdate in Hindi numerals? e.g. 06/05/1986

  3. Erika

    How to write “Erika”. I would like a tattoo with my name and would also not want it to have a mistake.

  4. missC

    True beauty it hindi

  5. hello hello

    I would like the sybol in hindi meaning One Life.

    Please. =)

  6. juli_reyes

    hi i would like to get a tattoo in hindi nd i would like to know if you can you pleasee tell me how do u write in hindi

    Nothing lasts forever


  7. missthang5

    how would you write “what nourishes me destroys me” in Hindi. Thanks

  8. Stuart

    Hi please can you help me with the words
    Thank you

  9. vickie

    Can u help with the name victoria in hindi? I don’t wanna make the same mistake beckham made.

  10. Rachel

    Can you please translate the following name of my husband as I have paid for three translations, all of which have turned out different.


  11. ap


    I am looking to give a graduation gift to a friend.

    How would you translate Doctor Pangrac into Hindi?
    The name sounds as it is spelled with two short a’s.

    Your help is much appreciated!!!

  12. ap

    The pronunciation you used was perfect. You are awesome! Thanks!!

  13. Jennifer

    I would like to know how the name Jennifer is spelled in Hindi.

    Tnx so much !!

  14. christiano

    would it be possible to translate ‘it is written’?

  15. Max

    wondering how max would be translated?
    as in the name ‘max’

  16. Luis

    wondering how ( Chelsea , Diana and Luis ) would be translated thanx much

  17. christiano

    you are awesome!

  18. christiano

    i seem to be having some incongruities with translations on the word ‘grace’ and wanted to know your opinion on it. not like grace the name but as in god’s grace or the state of being. not sure if that makes a difference.

    thanks again.

  19. christiano

    that helps a lot, my friend. i appreciate your knowledge greatly. 🙂

  20. Katie

    I need a quote translated into hindi

    “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm”

    Can you help?


  21. Nicole

    Would you happen to know the word for “truth” written in Devanagari? It’s for a tattoo, and I keep getting conflicting information…

    Thanks very much, Nicole

  22. Nicole

    Thanks very much! Just wondering… do you know what this
    حقّ means?


  23. Cristhian

    hey i wanted to get my last name and that is : Venecia
    how does it translate to Hindi

  24. Cristhian

    yeah its the first one, thats perfect thanks

  25. Nicole

    Excellent! Thanks again…

  26. will

    hi do you know how to write “ann” and “life” thank u

  27. will

    thank you very much .. how about LIES?,thanks again

  28. will

    yes thank you very much kaul,great job!! 🙂

  29. Curious

    I was wondering if you could translate this rather large quote into a decent hindi translation for me.

    “He was just all alone. He couldn’t enjoy a game with anyone else. Like living in a dream, That’s the kind of man he was.”

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