4,883 responses to “Don’t Get Your Hindi Tattoo Wrong”

  1. Shivanna

    Hi can you translate for me :


  2. gregory

    Hi Kaul,

    Can you please translate this Gregory C. Abaya jr.

    Thank you

  3. mesh

    Hi, will you please translate
    “Please love yourself”

  4. Katarina

    Hi Kaul,

    I am from Croatia (Hrvatska) and I want my children’s names tattooed on my forearm, can you please translate for me :
    Thank you!

  5. Michael

    Firstly, what a beautiful thing you are doing here! So special to so many! Can you please translate Deanne (Dee Ann) for me? Thanks in advance. Happy holidays!

  6. nisha


    Need the translate those name for a tattoo:

    Thanks for your help

  7. anna


    Please could you translate for a tattoo that I am planning to get tomorrow:

    know your rights

    Anna 🙂

  8. Sydney

    Hi Kaul,

    Can you please translate “accept what is, let go of what once was, and have faith in what will be” for me please, thank you.

  9. Ashley


    Can you please give me the translation of
    “Life Goes On”

  10. Jasmeet

    Would you be able to translate for me:

    self belief

    These are the translations I get from Google and Im not sure if they are correct.
    आत्म विश्वास

  11. Chloe

    Can you please translate resilience, love yourself and fighter? Thank you! 🙂

  12. Ally

    Can you translate for me the name Leith, pronounced the same as Keith but with an L at the start?

    Thank you

  13. anna

    Not sure if you can do these but please could you translate




    thanks 🙂 Anna

  14. Mikhailia

    Hi may you please translate the number 18 written in Hindi please

  15. Ash

    hi would you be able to translate: chandra & dass for me. thank you.

  16. Ana

    Hi, i want to tattoo JAI HO in hindi. Wikipedia says its meaning is “Let [the] victory prevail”, is this right? Many thanks

  17. Carlos

    can you translate this? he who have seen the universe in himself and himself in the universe, who have seen the one in the animate and the inanimate universe, he alone is a true siddha.

  18. João

    Hi, could you translate for me:
    Just love builds
    Dont lose your faith
    Love your self

  19. laja

    Ihr Beitrag wartet auf die Moderation.

    Hallo könnten sie mir das übersetzen,

    Herr im Himmel,
    Beschütze mein Fleisch und Blut. Halte deine Hände Über sie und führe sie auf Rechten Wege. Im Namen des Vaters und des Sohnes und des heiligen Geist. Amen


  20. Jessica Donate


    Can you please translate “Believe” and “Gratitude”

    Thanks!! 🙂

  21. Destiny

    “save your words and listen”

  22. andrea


    “Friends fore ever”
    And “Joce – Faby” (names)


  23. Caroline

    Can you confirm that
    आशा = hope

    Thank you 🙂

  24. estrella Garza

    How to spell ninety six in hindi?

  25. miguel

    translate mom, and Carolina , and 178 thanks.

  26. star

    hey can you translate “this too shall pass”

  27. Johan


    Can you please translate the names of my children in hindi:
    Yulan ( pronounce as yoelan)


    Johan and Joke

  28. Tyler

    Hi Kaul,

    can you please translate “Know thyself” for me?

  29. Purna

    Hi ! Can you please translate my name in hindi : Purna

    Thank You 🙂

  30. sally prinn

    Hello Kaul!

    Please can you translate-

    To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.

    Thank you so much,

  31. Josh

    Hi. Could you translate:

    Don’t you dare give up on me
    The King is good
    Almost there

    Thanks for any help!

  32. michael

    Would you please translate “you child will find your way” in the male tense?
    Thank you very much.

  33. Bruno Pinto

    Hi Kaul

    can you please translate the names Andreia ,Soraia, Deolinda and Feliciano?
    And the phrase , forever eternal love.

    Best regards


  34. Shifali

    Hi 🙂 I’m getting a tattoo of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind translating them for me as well as typing the Hindi pronunciation of the words (typed in English) just to be extra sure it’s correct! Thank you!

  35. Mazooka

    Hi kaul,

    could you please translate the word “calmness”`? 🙂

  36. joanna

    Hi Kaul,
    I would really like to find out the hindu translating of the word of ‘balance’. (in yr mind, peaceful). Also, my friend told me ‘Santulan’. Is that right?

    Thanks a lot,


  37. joanna

    Very quick!. thanks….

  38. Bilja

    Can you translate for me : Bozo Sonja Ivana Elena?

  39. juan antonio

    Hola kaul quiero ver si me puedes ayudar a traducir el nombre de mi hijo al hindi, se llama juan manuel, te agradeceria la ayuda…

  40. Antoine


    Here is the word i would like to tattoo


    Thank you!!

  41. Zane

    Can you please translate-
    Family is everything
    Family forever
    Family is forever

  42. orlando

    please translate


  43. cecilia

    Hola gracias por tu tiempo, en el hindú se puede escribir sólo letras ? D C A S .
    de no ser posible las letras sueltas quisiera traducir estos nombres Damian , Cecilia, Andrea, Sabrina. Muchas gracias! !! 🙂

  44. Monika

    Hi! Could you translate “Know thyself” and “Strength from within” for me please? Thank you so much.

  45. Nina

    Hey could you translate ” live now and don’t think about tomorrow” and ” Maybe there’s no tomorrow”?
    Thank you very much! 🙂

  46. Elsa

    Hi , could you translate “may the force be with me” for me pls ?

  47. Alpa

    Hi hi,

    Please can you translate for a female –

    Live a life you will remember

    Find what you love and let it kill you

    Thanking you 🙂

  48. Josep

    Hello I want to do a tatoo with the other name of the city Varanasi, KASHI. I Have this word:
    I think is right, but i want to put the letters a little bit togueter. It’s wrong or right if i bring near the first and second and third letter

    I love Varanasi…

    Thankyou very much!

  49. Seth Bartley

    Hi Kaul,

    I really want to get a tattoo of a line from one of my favorite poems. It is “कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।”. I’ve been told it means “those who try do not fail.” Is this correct?

    I would be forever grateful if you could help.

    Thanks so much!

  50. erin

    Hi Kaul,

    You’ve translated one for me before that I now have and I’m going to add to it in 2 weeks 🙂

    Any chance you can translate the three following things?

    1. Let go, let her (“her” as a regular person, not capitalized like a god)

    2. Can you also write it as “Let go and let her” as I’m trying to make it the same length as my previous.

    3. A galaxy of shooting stars

    thank you so much!!!

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