8 responses to “Reverse Pin on ATM – Reality or Hoax?”

  1. Rizwan

    you are right…..

    in such situation one should tell the right pin to the robber and ask him to withdraw the moneyinstead of doing it himself …. by this the machine will take a snap of the robber with a built in camera which is not visible cuz its behind a black transparent square on the machine. snap is taken whenever any tranzation is taken. atleast you can prove that you did not do any tranzation with your individual involvement and one only tells the pin to other in such terrible situation. if you are lucky the bank can refund you the money otherwise you can satisfy yourself by thinking that you paid very little for your life.

  2. disha

    thanks for such a nice information
    before two months ago someone stolen my 25,000Rs thourgh use my atm pin no by hdfc bank but still i did not get any snap by bank
    can u suggest me wat should i do.

  3. Use of ATM Card... - IndusLadies

    […] of ATM Card… Hi All, This is a email hoax. Please read the links below for clarification. kaulonline: Reverse Pin on ATM – Reality or Hoax? snopes.com: Reverse PIN Panic Code I have posted the info from one site, read on…. Reverse […]


    MERA ATM KA PIN SEND KADIJIYE CARD KA NO ….[ATM card number edited out by admin]

  5. Payal Mehrotra

    Hey, dont take the risk of asking the robber to take out the cash telling him your pin. There are banks which have installed the ATMs but they are just for show off, the fact is that due to cost cutting the cameras are not working since banks are not paying maintainance contract money. So, even if you are a thief then you can easily rob anyone coz no one see your face in camera.

  6. Ivy

    @Payal and Rizwan: I hope no robbers are viewing this site, because you just gave up too much information.

  7. Ankit Kumar Agrawal

    Hello, I wanna say one thing “No one is given such pallidromic password.Although any one tries for changing his or her password he or she can’t get password lyk that. Take care of ur self while entering to the atm booth.

  8. Avinash

    IT is a hoax. it was just proposed and was never implemented.