5 responses to “Two April fools jokes from Google?”

  1. Paul McNamara

    Some joke. TiSP is a blatant rip-off of DSL technology I introduced a decade ago. Geesh.

  2. Dennis

    Paul, Paul, Paul

    Don’t be a poop-head. It’s April Fool’s Day. Besides, you have to love the TiSP and Paper.


  3. Flashx11

    They won’t print MP3 and WMA files because those are SOUND files. You can’t print sound files.

  4. James

    That’s pretty handy… you can use your Gmail Paper in the bathroom. I liked someone else’s announcement that Google had purchased Cafe Press and all merchandise now came with AdWear ads printed on each shirt.

  5. Online Joke of the Day

    Thank you for reminding me of that great joke. Great minds think alike!!! Do you care if I link your post on my blogroll?