3 responses to “As if you couldn't do this before”

  1. Debashish

    Hey, I was the first, I was the first (it didn’t get dugg better but the Goliaths must know) http://digg.com/programming/Google_s_might 🙂

  2. Parag

    I am sure that though its been around for a while, still there are very few places where blogging in Indian language is seen. I think we all should promote more Hindi blogging, since I could see this as one of the ways to pull Indian people towards internet- till now internet is being used only by handful of people.

  3. GMail in Hindi - So What’s New? | kaulonline

    […] way. Google made exactly the same claim when they added Hindi typing to Blogger two years ago. linkscolor = “000000”; highlightscolor = “888888”; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = […]