91 responses to “Uninagari unicode typewriter FAQ”

  1. इधर उधर की - यूनिनागरी में अब शुषा, कृतिदेव लेआउट, और उर्दू भी

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  2. sumit

    mujhe urdu me likhna chanta hu , mujhe urdu font kaise mil sakta hai .

  3. Aditya Gupta

    How to write mrityu using the Uninagari online editor. Please help.

  4. vikas zutshi

    nice blog

  5. Praneet Srivastav

    Hi Raman ji ,

    Thanks for Providing such a great tool to us.
    I have linked this tool to our bhojpuri language website
    Hope you don;t mind. please let me know if you have any objection.

    BEN Admin

  6. Suresh Kundalkar

    How to write Prakash pl help

  7. braj mohan

    my laptop does not support uninagari…while my office computer does. Uninagari keyboard appears on the screen but when i type it..it types only english..no hindi no punjabi or gujarati..what is the problem sir?

  8. pankaj

    शब्द हलंत कसा करतात

  9. pankaj

    अॅनिमेशन शब्द कसा लिहायचा

  10. pankaj


  11. Puzzled

    Pls. help – how to write क्ष?

  12. Vishal

    How do I type ‘ksha’ in Uninagari?

  13. AD

    how do you write sri

  14. chaman kaul

    I have done some trial writing with unicode with unexpected & amazing results.
    1. How the speed can be increased. The copy paste option in word needs an intermediate transfer. Can you avoid that?
    2. Conceptually I had been contemplating to make use of the Roman-latin script in writing in kashmiri/hindi on a one to one character basis. Then select the Roman-latin write up by the hindi&/or font and get the nagari version – in a straight translation, because the original is in hindi/kashmiri language.
    3. I observed that you are Raman Kaul who created the lalded script font. That makes me believe that you are the best person to do so.

  15. Siddhant

    Thanks for the really nice utility…

    How do I type the ‘reph’ as in Prakash?

  16. Anupam Kulshreshtha

    What are the tools available for offline typing using unicode.

  17. Kalpana Sharma

    . After typing a word or a line, how can I go back to a particular alphabet and edit? The cursor keeps going to the end of the sentence no matter what I try with backspace or delete.

    How do I save the text as UniNagari?

  18. Rashmi

    Very good and easy for online typing. Only problem is that we cannot insert/edit in between the sentence as mentioned above…but otherwise very convenient…Thanks.

  19. Manish

    Hi sir,

    You did a wonderful job. This is a great site. Thanks a lot. Could you please guide me how to type shrignesh (to start) and shagird (pupil). I am finding difficulity to write SHRI and RI on a letter (as RI in SHAGIRD. Thanks a lot.

  20. Manish

    Thank you so much sir. Thanks a lot.

  21. Mohan Garg

    How to write Krishna in Hindi?

  22. Manish

    sir, this is not typing hindi anymore. why? it was working fine a few days ago. Not able to write hindi letters. Whenver i type it shows only english. Please guide. Thanks

  23. manish

    Resolved. sorry for trouble. it is working with internet explorer. but not with opera/firefox.

  24. Rupa

    How do I write त्री (tri) in Uninagari

  25. ankit

    where do i get the “kaksha” (class) ‘ khs ‘ ?

  26. silver murmu

    How Can Write Mrityu in Hindi Please Help Sir

  27. pradeep

    Please suggest to write

  28. Suresh Sharma

    how do I write GYAN

  29. pappoo singh

    i want to write chakshu. hw can i write on kaul on line.

  30. SM. Kafi
  31. Rajesh Jain

    Remiton Keyboard of IME Indic V5.1 is not supporting macrosoft word 2013 in window 8.1. Pl advise.