8 responses to “Will the next Indian Idol be a Kashmiri?”

  1. another kashmiri blogger

    “Why does it irritate the separatist Kashmiri bloggers when Indians call Kashmiris their atoot ang (inalienable part)?”

    u want to know why?

    so let me tell u why?

    when someone comes into to your home, pretending to come there just to protect it.
    then under the pretext of caring establishes control
    and then
    tells you this is part of my home…

    it irritates the likes of me.

    There might be a set of people who think its perfectly normal to accept the status quo and even be proud of it.
    but it ails “separatist kashmiri bloggers” like me.

  2. another kashmiri blogger

    Cut the hypocrisy. You will win, insha-Allah. All the best.
    Satya mev jaytay!

  3. another kashmiri blogger


  4. caashurr

    Indian Idol: What is in the name. If you use your grey cells, it is not the name but the talent which counts in that program. And now if a kashmiri muslim proves to be the best of the lot, what is the problem with that. Oh do you mean that a person has to be a citizen to participate in these talent shows… Or is it just because he happens to be a KASHMIRI MUSLIM, that you have problems…

    Grow up, dude.

  5. Indian

    Indian Kashmir: what is in a name? As long as Kashmiri Muslims have control over the whole state, how does it matter if it is called Indian Kashmir? After all, it is about governance. If you have any grey cells, and if you people really want separation, you should quit India first, and then ask India to quit. You want to have the cake and eat it too. You want to take full advantage of being Indians, but ask Indians to stay out of Kashmir. Are you foolish or do you think the world is?