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  1. Nitin Bagla

    Thanks for the information…..now, i m fwding this info to all grps..:)

  2. Anoop Bhargava

    Also one must consider the effect of Taxes which could be different in different countries.
    There is a nice site to find out if a chain letter is really a hoax or not . I usually check that.
    Appropriately the site is called :

  3. Vikas

    came to know your award winning Hindi blog via. Sunil F. on an online community. Congratulations!

    i was wondering if there are any Latex modules existing for Sharda or Kashmiri-Devanagri? if not, do you think it might be a worthwhile project?

    great work!

  4. vijayan

    To my knowledge this is simply absurd. In pak the petrol prices are almost of the same like india. And, its almost the same in all oil non-oiled countries barring a few mulim coutries.

    There is no meaning in making such kind of issues when by every means we (public) contribute to such escalation.

    chk this link:

  5. Dinesh Kumar

    Thanx for this useful information. I am also curious to know about the truth behind such chain mails so I searched the google. Since I am also associated with an Oil company in India (i.e. ONGC) it became neccesary to me to know about the truth of such topic.

    Thanx alot


  6. Nazareth Kumar

    Its time that we as citizens of a country, spread positive messages, which builds nations. Lets stop spreading rumours which just provokes someone. Lets build INDIA to the next level. Cheers!

  7. ambikaprasad

    plz send me more information about it

  8. Suresh N.

    Somebody has done costing of petrol in Pakistan http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/oct2005-daily/03-10-2005/business/b1.htm as below:

    He ( Senator Rukhsana Zuberi) said that based on the Platts Oil Gram Scan Report we could calculate the price of petrol by accepting the OCAC’s price on September 5 of $68 per barrel and other inputs as laid down by the OCAC.

    One dollar is Rs60 and if we multiply it with $68 the result is Rs4,080 per barrel. By adding freight at $2.16 and multiply it with 60 we get Rs130 per barrel.

    By including 9 per cent handling, bank L/Cs charges and marine insurance of Rs367 per barrel, wharfage at the rate of 3.85 per cent of Rs157, and oil companies margin/profit @3.5 per cent to get Rs142 per barrel, the cost of one barrel crude of 42 gallons comes to Rs4,876 per barrel.

    Now, by adding refining cost at the rate of 10 per cent valuing at Rs488 per barrel, the total comes to Rs5,364 per barrel.

    If one barrel = 42 gallons = 3.79 US litre=159 litres, the price of one barrel of crude oil in rupees comes to $56xRs60 = Rs33.73.

    By adding excise duty at Rs0.88, we get Rs34.61. By including 15 per cent GST (Rs5.19) and dealers’ commission (0.12) we get the maximum cost of Rs39.93 per litre or Rs40 per litre.

    The OCAC and OMCs have increased the price of petrol to Rs56.29, which is more than Rs16.29 per litre than the actual calculations.

  9. Teju

    thanks for the information

  10. Nitin Shesh

    I got this mail, and then I just forwarded to some of my friends who are into business of analysing such kind of business…which is what i do regularly. I guess these kind of mails shud atleast be thought out n then mailed even if someone is trying to fool!! I mean the mail contains all rubbish which can said as if it has been made taking into consideration that the reader wud be a emotional fool. just not done….come on yaar…there are much better things to discuss rather than cheaply making such obnoxious comments on something the writter doenst know himself. what will that person get in return so email addresses to market his products?? thats not at the cost of misleading ppl, fact is that the misleading line shud make some sense. It doesnt even comply with the common sense that wud make someone believe this crap.

  11. RK

    Thanks for the information.


  12. Uday

    thanks buddy.