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  1. yogesh patel

    Mile sur mera tumhra is not song for me it is prayer for me.when I listen it I feel that I am with so many gods.I am looking for oreginal version of this song.

  2. Uttam Thakor

    Its Really marvelous Work..
    I was finding this song n Lyrics since long time…
    Thank you very much …

  3. Baljeet

    Thanks a Lot… 😀


    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC

  5. sashi

    hiiiiiiii i thanq you tube 2 show this song 2 me . i cn this song after 7years

  6. Nitin Mittal


    Really thankful to show this video. I was looking for this video since a very very long time…Thanks a lot…

  7. Rajiv Goel

    Can anyone let me know the name of composer/writer of ‘Mile sur mera tumhara?’

  8. Gurudev

    Guys, a high quality version of this song is now available on youtube at


  9. Ramesh

    Thanks Binu…
    But there is a small correction

    [ma] ninDe’ swaramum nii.ngaLuDe’ swaramum
    dhaTTuche’yum namuDe’ya swaram

    well it actually goes as

    ente swaravum ningaludae swaravum
    othu chernnu nammudae “swaramayi”

    translated to be as my sound and your sound joined to form our sound thats roughly the same meaning in every language rt!?
    gr8 work by the by is there any chance of getting of good print for donloads …if so do let me know



    GREAT JOB…………….

  11. Shreenivas

    thanx a lot dear… bachpan ki yaadein lauta di…

  12. anupam goel

    Thanks to Mr. Gurudev.
    U really obliged many indians, who were searching for this “mile sur”.

    Anupam Goel

  13. Karnik Kothari

    Hey Dude
    Can anyone tell me how can i download this video???

  14. Sayed Basha_Auriga

    Nice…Nice ….it’s one My Old DD Fav….Music and Videos…ThanQ

  15. Reetesh

    Great work, I was looking for this song from so many days, god bless you.

  16. george arun devasia

    there is a slight modification you have to make in the above written malayalam line from our national integrity song. here am sending the correct lyrics..

    [ma] “…. ente swaravum negaludae swaravum otthu chernu naamudae swaramayi….”

    it means “…my voice merges with yours , together its our voice…”

    please edit these line and update as soon as possible…

    arun george devasia

  17. Doyeli Basu Paul

    Thanks…This song reminds me my country everytime I listen the song…I am proud to be an INDIAN.

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  19. mayur

    Please please i required this video.

    Thanks in advance.


  20. Sandeep

    PLease send the MP3 at below email id I will be really very much thankfull to you by returning me my childhood memory.

  21. Varun

    hey guys this is to all specially to the administrator i have got meny songs in which i think meny ppl will be intrested and i would like to share it with you guys….but u will have to promise that u will not give it to anyone……………………………..just kidding man u have to promise that u all will take pain and spread this video as i m doin…because i also got these videos after this promise mail me if anyone wants these old video or tell me a place where i can upload all the videos so that every Indian can download….my mail id

  22. abhishek jaiswal

    To see the beautiful song of the freedom run or also called the torch song (in which there are all the players like kapil dev) you can go to you tube and type “Spread the light of freedom” or else go to the following link http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=P68WBjaqSbI

  23. ak

    its very good for unity of our hindia at this corrupted time.

  24. Vinayak

    I had done a post about that that wonderful Torch song sometime ago. You can find the video and the song here:
    Torch of Freedom

  25. Ramkumar.P

    Please send me for video

  26. Gajjar Jigar

    It was fantastic, it’s unbeliavble for me, i can’t listen this type of marvelous
    song in my life, I have no words to explain this song, it’s trully majestic,
    thanks a lot,

    I required this song cd or mail or what ever
    please do the need ful

  27. Kavitha


    Thanks for posting this song.

    looking for this song for a long time……………

  28. kitReumsmeefs


    As a fresh kaulonline.com user i just wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this bbs 😉

  29. Rahul.S.K.M.


    Thanks for posting song and video.
    i am looking this song for a long time. …..

  30. Rohit,iitb

    Thanx to abhishek jaiswal for the link
    I was looking for this video since a long time..
    One of the most inspirational music I have ever heard.

  31. Joe Skaria

    Thanks for posting song and video.
    i am looking this song for a long time.

  32. prashanth


  33. shrikant_rotkar12

    When i ma listening this song than i feel realy proud there is no gap between any leungage this song is take away from a purticular religion. That is awsoum.

  34. siddhu

    Thanks…This song reminds me my country everytime I listen the song…

    Pls help me ….can u send me this Video & MP3 song….My Email ID is


  35. Abhijit

    It is a very nice song from our childhood. I will thank you if u give me this song with video. Thanks in advance

  36. chaitanya

    Thank u very much!!! At last I got this song !!!!

  37. lalitha

    hey, can i also get another song from Doordarshan in which the sports lamp (jyothi) will be passed onto many people, singing.. Remember ??

  38. sharmila

    Dear friends

    if u have this video pls send me. my email id is ala.sharmila@yahoo.com


  39. anurag

    PLZ SEND “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara!” TO ME

  40. Dinesh

    the correct lyrics for the Tamil song is

    [ta] isaindhaal namm iruvarin suramum namadhaagum
    thisai vaeraanaalum aaLi ser aarugal
    mugiLaai maLayaai poLivadhu pol isai
    namm isai..

    The word “aarugal” is missing. Kindly update it.

  41. Dhaval Tamhane

    Thanks!!! I needed that…

  42. Prashant

    It’s the song of india.

  43. Bhargav

    I love this song and makes me nostalgic…. Balamurali krishna, Bhimsen Joshi, Lata Mangeshkar…..Phew and many more singers ……. What a feel ……This song is an emotion for all Indians……… 🙂 Its just not a song… Thanks a lot for posting the MP3……..

  44. seema

    Jai Hind


    tahe dil se shukria .free video downloding link v de .Is me Hamra desh or uski khushbu basti hai.

  46. Greg

    Thank u for the song

  47. poulami

    thanx for the song but i too need the audio……………….